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eCommerce Sites Utilizing the Facebook Log In [Video]

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Semptember 28, 2012

Advertising on Facebook in `Infancy,' Gabbay Says [Video]

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May 16, 2012

How Social Sharing Influences Consumer Behavior [Infographic] 

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Social media has become a tried and true method for consumers to share their latest purchases and retail experiences. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been leading channels to drive word-of-mouth and boost purchases for brands.  In fact, 48% of shoppers say social sharing is “extremely helpful” or “very helpful” when shopping for a product, according to a recent study from Sociable Labs.

This infographic will provide in-depth insight into the psychology of social sharing, digital word-of-mouth and more... 

 April 24, 2012

Social Sharing Boosts Site Traffic and Builds Customer Trust


Humans are innately social creatures. Even when online, people interact with friends, family, and the employees of their favorite brands. While social media keeps consumers connected, it also keeps them informed. Customers increasingly share every little detail of their daily lives—from what they just read, to the trip they just booked, to the shoes they just bought...

 April 12, 2012

Report:  Social Sharing pushes product discovery

Biz Report

Forget search engines or manufacturer websites. Today's consumers are finding out about new products in a new, old fashioned way: they're asking friends. A new report out from Sociable Labs finds that social sharing - the act of sharing product information/purchases on social networks - is pushing product discovery for shoppers...

 April 2, 2012

Social Networking Drives Product Discovery

Social Proofing Big on Facebook

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Social Proofing, the use of social sharing “proof” to display friend activity directly on an ecommerce site, was also shown to increase consumer confidence, with 33% claiming that they would shop on a site mentioned by other social network users – this number grew to 62% when users saw that their actual social network friends were making purchases. These results show that social proofing is becoming a mainstream mode of e-marketing. Think of how McDonald’s always advertises how many billions customers tried their hamburgers, to get a better idea of the concept... 

 March 28, 2012

Social sharing helps consumers find products


Avid online shoppers are turning to Facebook to learn about products that they might buy, according to a new report from social commerce vendor Sociable Labs.

The report, which examined the habits of consumers who log in to Facebook at least once a month and who buy online at least quarterly, found that 62% of those shoppers read product-related comments posted by their friends on the social network... 

 March 28, 2012

Study: Online Shoppers And Social Sharers Make A Valuable Cross-Section 

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Culled from answers provided by 1,088 respondents — people who said they shopped online at least once per quarter and used Facebook at least once per month — the study paints a picture of a quite product-engaged Facebookship, with over half of online shoppers reporting to have “Liked” products on the network, a third of those who chose to follow a link to a retailer’s site proceeding to make a purchase, and more than four-fifths of people who made purchases that way turning around and sharing information about the products they purchased with their own networks...  

 March 29, 2012

Frictionless Sharing, Social Curation Key to Social Commerce Success 

Social Commerce Today 

As the trend toward the use of social commerce increases, two facts are coming into evidence:

  1. Rather than “brand-to-fan,” social commerce works best when customers initiate sharing with their friends on social networks.
  2. Sites like Pinterest, and Rue La La have demonstrated the power of social curation to merchandise products in dynamic ways.

Recognizing the importance of these two factors, social commerce provider Sociable Labs has introduced a platform called EverShare that combines what it refers to as “frictionless sharing” and social curation to drive increases in referral traffic and on-site conversion...  

 March 2, 2012

Sociable Labs introduces ‘frictionless sharing’ Open Graph apps for e-commerce sites


Social commerce app provider Sociable Labs released a new suite of applications this week that allows online retailers to integrate Facebook Open Graph with their sites. The EverShare app suite creates “frictionless sharing” for e-commerce sites so user activity automatically publishes to Facebook’s Ticker and Timeline. By licensing Sociable Labs’ software, businesses don’t have to build their own custom apps...  

 February 23, 2012

Sociable Labs’ EverShare Adds FB Auto-Sharing And Pinterest Boards To Any Site



Referral traffic is pouring out of Pinterest and Facebook’s Open Graph frictionless sharing. With Sociable Lab’s licensable EverShare you can snatch their functionality without any serious development work and soak up some page views. EverShare lets you host your own Pinterest-style product or content boards to give your users their social curation fix. It also instantly roots your site into Facebook’s confusing APIs so purchases, comments, reviews, and pins are automatically blasted at friends of your visitors... 

 February 22, 2012

Gabbay, Ross Discuss Trends Among Facebook Users [Video]



Nisan Gabbay, founder and chief executive officer of Sociable Labs, and Keith Ross, department head of computer science and engineering at Polytechnic Institute of NYU, talk about trends among users of Facebook Inc.'s social-networking site. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

 February 21, 2012

Shoppers signed into sites using their Facebook Connect are nine times more likely to share


Shoppers signed into retailer web sites using their Facebook log-in, known as Facebook Connect, are roughly nine times more likely to share content on the social network than other consumers, according to a new report by social commerce vendor Sociable Labs.  That behavior is extremely valuable (as) about 30% of consumers on sites that use Sociable Labs’ social sharing applications log in via Facebook Connect... 

 February 13, 2012

Shoppers like Sharing Facebook Data with Online Retailers


Retailers concerned that many consumers may balk when asked to share personal Facebook data may be in for a surprise. All retailers need to do is ask, at least with some shoppers. More than half of consumers grant online retailers permission to use their Facebook data, according to a new study from social commerce applications supplier Sociable Labs...

 December 20, 2011

50% of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook

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Ecommerce sites should consider how they can personalize their sites using Facebook data, as a new study shows 50% of visitors to ecommerce sites are currently logged in to Facebook...The study was conducted by Sociable Labs, which helps websites implement social functionality...

 November 22, 2011

Sociable Labs Helps Retailers Turn Social Chatter Into Sales

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Making "social" work for online retailers is simple, says Nisan Gabbay founder of Sociable Labs. "Let's move away from business-to-consumer marketing and go back to people-to-people." Sociable Labs may be the secret weapon retailers have been waiting for when it comes to social media…

 October 27, 2011

Facebook-Funded Sociable Labs Helps Retailers Be More Friendly

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Sociable Labs, which is helping retailers to integrate Facebook's social graph into the shopping experience, has raised $7 million from investors. The company previously raised money from the fbFund, which is a $10 million seed fund and joint venture run by Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel Partners. Nisan Gabbay, founder and CEO of Sociable Labs, said Sociable is exploring what social commerce means, and from what he's determined so far, he doesn't believe it means people shopping on Facebook.…

 October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Strives to Make Ecommerce More Social and Profitable

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Sociable Labs, a startup focused on integrating social actions and social sharing into ecommerce websites, emerged from stealth Wednesday with $7 million in funding, as it launched its ROI-Guided Social Design, an ecommerce tool. The focus is on delivering "hard" ROI to retailers — that is to say more traffic, sales and conversions. The company claims that its technology works "up to 20 times" better than simply adding a "Like" or "Share" button.…

 October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Brings Social To ECommerce Sites With $7M Funding

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Some clients of Sociable Labs may want to make customers' sharing of purchases fast and essentially automatic, using the new Facebook Open Graph tools, but they don't have to. Sociable Lab's tools are flexible but also can be quickly installed, says Nisan Gabbay, CEO of Sociable Labs. The company focuses on clear return on investment for each of these features with clear metrics, he says..

 October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Launches Custom Ecommerce Facebook Social Plugin Software

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Sociable Labs has just emerged from stealth and launched its hosted software service that provides large ecommerce websites with custom Facebook social plugins that increase conversions and referral traffic. Rather than implement standard Like buttons or develop their own Open Graph integration, Sociable Labs' turn-key solution lets sites show their users the products that friends have bought or signed up for, who to ask for, recommendations, and relevant suggestions of friends to invite…

 October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Raises $7 Million To Help Retailers Manage Social Commerce


Sociable Labs, a startup that helps online retailers increase referral traffic and sales using social commerce, has raised $7 million in Series B financing led by Battery Ventures. The startup was originally seed funded by Facebook through the fbFund. Sociable Labs focuses on delivering and measuring traditional ecommerce metrics, such as traffic, conversion rates and sales, for retailers via Facebook and others social networks. The startup offers a suite of hosted applications for retailers to socialize buyers opinions and help discover products based on buyer's friends' advice, right at the point of purchase…

October 26, 2011

A personal touch boosts’s conversion rates

Consumers’ appeals to their Facebook friends boost conversion rates


Retailers concerned that many consumers may balk when asked to share personal Facebook data may be in for a surprise. All retailers need to do is ask, at least with some shoppers. More than half of consumers grant online retailers permission to use their Facebook data, according to a new study from social commerce applications supplier Sociable Labs...

October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Promises ROI On Facebook Commerce

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Return on investment in social commerce? That's the promise of Sociable Labs' new product launching today. The company's Guided Social Design combines the capabilities of Facebook's social graph with the e-commerce capabilities of merchants' sites, said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nisan Gabbay..…

October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Launches On-Site Social Commerce Solution to Help Online Retailers Move

Sociable Labs Delivers Conversion Rates Up to 300 Percent Higher Than Facebook Fan Page Traffic

[Press Release] SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2011 — Sociable LabsTM, a leading provider of on-site social commerce solutions, today emerged from stealth to announce the general availability of its ROI-Guided Social Design™ solution to help online retailers dramatically increase referral traffic and sales using social graph technology…
October 26, 2011

Sociable Labs Emerges from with $7 Million Series B Financing Led Battery

Company Debuts On-Site Social Commerce Solution for Maximizing Social Referrals and Conversions on Ecommerce Websites

[Press Release] SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2011 — Sociable Labs™, a leading provider of on-site social commerce solutions, today announced that the company has closed $7 million in Series B financing led by Battery Ventures, with participation from Series A lead investor Javelin Venture Partners… 
October 26, 2011

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