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ROI, meet Social Media Marketing

Sociable Labs creates full-service solutions for ecommerce and media companies to effectively use social media for marketing.  At the core of our solutions is a suite of applications that live directly on your website.  The applications are designed to a) attract new eyes to your content and products and b) convert browsers into buyers.  We have an obsession with demonstrating ROI, so all our solutions include analytics and A-B testing to establish what approaches work best and quickly implement the social design or experience that drives the most sales and impressions.

ROI Guided Social Design Solutions

The Problem

Consumers have changed how they buy.

Shoppers today are overwhelmed by choice. And advertising doesn't help them decide - 75% of shoppers don't trust advertising (Yankelovich, 2010). Instead, they turn to their friends to provide word of mouth advice and recommendations: 74% rely on social networks to help them make purchase decisions (Gartner, 2010).

Brands and retailers are trying to adapt, but with limited success

Retailers have committed significant resources to "becoming social". 86% of US online retailers have Facebook fan pages (GOOD Magazine, 2010). Even more - 91% - use Twitter to engage their followers (etailing group, 2011). Despite these efforts, 62% of retailers reported that ROI from social is unclear (Forrester, 2011). This is because social marketing solutions have focused on "soft" results like acquiring fans or followers, neither of which is proven to drive sales.


Our Solution

With a laser focus on "hard ROI", our solution resides directly on the ecommerce site (rather than on Facebook), where the vast majority of consumers go when they are ready to shop and buy. We've shown that traffic generated from our applications converts up to 300% better than traffic from Facebook fan pages, and 50% - 70% better than traditional online marketing.  

Our solution consists of three parts:

  1. A suite of social applications that forms the core of the Sociable Labs offering
  2. A flexible platform that includes analytics, AB testing, and the ability to experiment with numerous application parameters
  3. A team of seasoned social experts that takes a collaborative and consultative approach to solving your specific problem

    Social Applications




    Social Applications

    A suite of social referral applications that motivate your customers to share their excitement with friends on Facebook, driving high-conversion traffic back to your site. Plus, a suite of conversion-enhancing applications that personalize your site experience with recommendations and advice from friends. Each application accesses a rich set of data from the clickstream data on your site combined with the social graph data from Facebook, creating rich social experiences for consumers.

    Test-and-Learn Platform



    Test-and-Learn Platform

    An integration platform that enables experimentation and A-B testing to optimize application mix, motivation and design to drive maximum user participation and sales uplift. Our analytics tracks how consumers interact with key elements of our applications, and how these interactions influence friends to make purchases.

    Social Expertise



    Social Expertise & Services

    To guide you to success, Sociable Labs provides a dedicated success manager supported by a team of social strategists, designers and developers. Our team brings deep expertise in social commerce, consumer motivation, online marketing and the intricacies of the Facebook platform.


    The Sociable Advantage

    See why Sociable Labs is uniquely suited to optimize your business results with our onsite social applications.

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