Levoit Review: Air Purifier For Healthy Life Style

SociableLabs Team | Oct 06, 2020

If you want to stay healthy, what are the ways? Several things, like dust, airborne bacteria, pollution, and unpleasant odors, may damage air purity. All these unhealthy substances can lead you to multiple health issues. With all these facts, an air purifier and humidifiers can be a great option. So, a brand named "Levoit" arrives to make sure that every person should be healthy. 

Levoit offers the most formidable quality products that can help you to eliminate dust and clean out smoke. Its products are essential to reduce the dry skin issue in winter and are valuable to deal with stuffy air in the summer. Its products are capable of throwing all these issues you come across. It has a good assortment of products available at a reasonable cost. Besides, its outputs are highly enhanced. 

Why Choose Levoit?

Levoit can be a skilled alternative for people who are pretty knowledgeable of harmful air, airborne bacteria, etc. With the guidance of Levoit products, you can make your home cleaner and bacteria-free by utilizing an air purifier. For instance, if you need a more fresh scent, you can use any oil flavor and add it to the aroma pad.       

Whenever we talk about quality, features, prices, and performance of the products. Then, its results are great for your home. Its output brings multiple specifications, which you want or need. It has several products, and the best part is that all the products are very different from what you get in the market. 

All its products are of top quality with premier performance. There are a lot of brands available in the market. Yet, the quality and performance is something you rarely get from brands. But here at Levoit, you get both quality and performance together by spending a small amount on products.   

Product and Features:

Levoit has a vast collection of products such as Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, and Salt Lamps. All these products come with multiple features, which are very crucial to discuss. Besides, its products come with compact designs, satisfy better sleep, and come with perfect replacement filters. important good 

Air Purifier:

Levoit has various Air Purifiers available such as LV-H128 Desktop True HEPA, Pet Care True, Vital 100 True Air Purifier, and many others. It comes with unique features such as Higher Purify Performance, Silent Air Cleaner, Ozone Free, Improved Filtration, Ultra Long Service Life, and Undistributed Operation. Once have a look at the features one by one:  

Silent Air Cleaner:

Its purifiers are voiceless. It uses a very different technology called "QuietKEAP," which helps you reduce the noise to sleep better.

Ozone Free:

Levoit never uses UV, Ion lights, or air cleaning methods as all these methods are the reason behind producing pollution and harmful ozone. 

Improved Filtration:

Levoit has a longer length and large expansion purifier even after comparing purifiers with other brands. Its purifiers work by using an ultra-fine pre-filter that deals with carbon, particles, and microns. Besides, it's also essential to deal with pollutants like pet dander, pollen, smoke, and dust.

Ultra-long Service Life:

Levoit uses AC capacitor motors, which are proficient in high-precision bearing, which is why all the purifiers give long-lasting service.

Undisturbed Operation:

Its purifier lights turn off automatically so that you can have a good sleep without any disruption. 


Levoit Humidifier is very distinct from all the ordinary humidifiers. It comes with multiple characteristics such as Safety, All Day Use, Easy Maintenance, Peaceful Sleep, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Technology, Convenient & Compact, and Adjustable Mist.  

Reliable Safety:

The best part of Levoit Humidifier is that its humidifiers automatically stop down whenever you lift the water tank or when the tank is empty. Plus, it is BPA-free.  

All Day Use:

You can use the humidifier for the next 40 hours as the humidifier comes with a 2.4 L water tank. It comes with a wide range of 27 m2, which is a great and ideal choice for an office, middle size room, and bedrooms. 

Easy Maintenance:

Its humidifier is easy going. You can easily detach the silencer and can fill the large tank without making more changes.

Peaceful Sleep:

The silencer of Levoit Humidifier makes around 30db sound, which is a way less and quieter than a library sound. It comes with a blue night light, which you can turn off effortlessly so that you can have a good sleep. easily

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Technology:

Here, you can breathe fresh air without coming across problems like wet floors. Its advanced ultrasonic cool mist is quite good. 

Convenient & Compac:

Levoit Humidifiers are small size and can easily fit on des. It has a power chord, which is very useful as you can quickly move the humidifier from one to another place at your home.

Adjustable Mist: 

It has three different levels of mist, which you set as per the atmosphere of your home. Besides, you can also use the 360-degree mist nozzle and adjust it. So that you can be relieved from health issues like dry skin, coughing, allergies, and congestion.

Salt Lamps:

Levoit Salt Lamp is useful to make the atmosphere calm. It can be placed anywhere like on a desk, center of a coffee table, night light, meditation space, etc. Besides, it has multiple features such as stainless steel base, FCC Approved, and Well Accessorized.

Stainless Steel Base:

The Salt Lamp is produced by using top-quality stainless steel. Its lamp steel base is designed to manage the drainage problem and to protect your lovely home furniture.

Well Accessorized:

Its lamp comes with enough accessories like two original 15-watt bulbs in the box. If you need more bulbs, then you can search for Levoit light bulbs. 

FCC, CE, ROHS Approved:

Salt Lamp is accepted by the FCC, CE, and RPHS. It's lamps come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, which keep changing from one to another lamp. Moreover, here you will always get premium quality products.   


Levoit offers the best air purifier and humidifier to all the customers. Besides, its products are available at a very normal range. And you can save money by using Levoit Coupons.


Levoit products are useful to improve your home's atmosphere and eliminate the skin and breathing allergies due to pollution, dust, airborne bacteria, and many more. Its products can be helpful to profit your health most properly. 

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