Over 50% of Shoppers are Logged In to Facebook While on Ecommerce Sites

SociableLabs Team | Nov 27, 2019
Every day at Sociable Labs, our team has the opportunity to discuss social strategy with leaders from some of the most exciting brands in eCommerce.   Most executives we talk with are actively involved in social media.  However, when we discuss on-site social applications and strategy with potential customers, one question comes up again and again:

“We know Facebook has a ton of users.  And, we know many of our customers are on Facebook.  But, what percent of our customers are likely to be interested in social features based on Facebook?”

Luckily, at Sociable Labs, we have a great “laboratory” for answering such questions at the intersection of e-commerce and social.  In fact, we can go one better than answering what percent of customers may be interested.  We can tell you what percent of your customers are actually logged in to Facebook while visiting your site.  Utilizing our unique social analytics platform, we wanted to publicly answer this question and several related questions in order to help educate you on the Facebook state of your customers.


Sociable Labs’ applications receive tens of millions of visits a month.  To support these deployments and our customers’ broader on-site social strategies, we developed a sophisticated social analytics platform.  For every visitor that interacts with Sociable Labs’ technology, this platform checks their Facebook login status (i.e. whether a user is logged into Facebook or not, while on our customers’ sites).  We receive this information directly from Facebook through accessing a Facebook API, called FB.getLoginStatus().

“How much of our traffic can we expect to be logged in to Facebook while shopping on our site?”

Admittedly, this question is an important one for those seeking higher ROI and engagement through on-site social features based on Facebook.  In addition to being a benchmark for interest in social sharing and features, this metric also reveals the number of users who can most easily engage with these features, due to their logged-in status.

While we can’t share statistics from particular customers, we can share overall statistics across our customer deployments.  On average in October, 50.8% of traffic was logged into Facebook while visiting our customers’ eCommerce sites.  Across all customers, this rate ranged from approximately 40% to 60%.

So, the short answer to this question is that, depending on your target consumer, you can expect about half of your traffic to be logged in to Facebook while visiting your site.  However, in the real world, short answers rarely adequately answer important questions, leading us to the typical follow-up questions.

“That’s great, but our most important days of the week are…”

Based on a market segment and retailing strategy, companies may have different weekly highpoints in traffic and sales.  Naturally, after hearing the answer to the first question above, potential clients often want to know if their users will be logged in to Facebook during the busiest days of their week.  Using our client pool as the sample, below is a table that demonstrates the answer to this question.

While there is a day-of-the-week effect, one could hardly call it significant.  If yours is an e-commerce company, you can expect a large portion of your site’s traffic to be logged in to Facebook no matter the day of the week.

“Interesting!  We do most of our business when people are at work or school.  Are our customers logged in to Facebook then?”

Yes, absolutely.  While users on our clients’ sites are logged in to Facebook slightly less during the workday and slightly more during the evening, the percentage of logged-in users is still very high during the workday.  For example, during the workweek of October 17 to 21st, on average 51% of users on our e-commerce deployments were logged in to Facebook from 9 AM to 7 PM.

“Great, so…  How much more likely is it that users will interact with a social feature if they are logged into Facebook?”

This topic deserves its own blog post.  However, a recent sampling of a few social application deployments revealed that click-through rates were at least 1.9x higher for those logged in to Facebook.

Hopefully, the statistics above help clear up a few common questions that most ecommerce executives have about the Facebook state of their customers.  When it comes to Facebook login status, just remember 50% all week long and odds are you’ll be pretty close.

[btw... TechCrunch just covered this study - read more about it here.]

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