Swimply Review: Rental Pools For Private Parties

SociableLabs Team | Oct 06, 2020

Nowadays, most people are working hard, earning money, living a very hectic and challenging life just for a better future. In between the struggle, people have forgotten to live their life. A necessary break from your work is much needed for people who are working days continuously. In that case, all you want is a much-needed break to go to some nice place where you can unwind your mood with friends and family. However, the problem starts when you don't get a place to have a good time. So, do not worry because a platform called "Swimply" can help you.

It offers a luxury backyard and private pool for people to treat time with friends and family. It has several things to offer, such as a pool, kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc. It is a way much better than renting a hotel or any place. One of the most key things is you can pay as per your requirement means you can pay money per hour. Moreover, the prices are not too high, which means you do not need to break your budget to go about your range to spend good quality time with your loved ones.

Why Choose Swimply?

Swimply can be your all-time favorite. When it comes to quality, this platform has everything to offer from backyard to private pool all over in Australia and the US. No other platform offers a private pool to people without them to break their bank account to spend time without your loved ones. Nothing complex thing to do on this platform, except for being at the pool or saltwater pool to be stress-free.

Hence, it is one of the finest places where you can go without thinking twice. It also has a "Joyspace," which is yet to come on this platform. However, in upcoming days you can also spend time in private spaces like Basketball Courts, Private Gym, Hot Tubs, Tennis Courts, Majestic Backyards, and Docked Boats. All these spaces can be your place to spend a good time. You can get all these things from the pool to the private pool as everything comes under your budget.

How Swimply works?

The working process of Swimply is straightforward to understand, and there are a few things you need to know, such as finding your pool, chatting with the host, and dive right in. 

A.Find your pool: If you want to disburse time in a pool then you have to request a pool, and the pool can be approved as per the people. It does not matter how many people are there. The best thing is you will only be charged for the pool and nothing else. Your pool will then be booked instantly in a very short period, and you don't have to rush or wait for anything.

B.Chat with Host: For any query, you can contact the coordinator without hesitation. The Swimplychat is mostly for the people who are having any trouble or issue.

C.Dive Right In: Once you are done with all confirmation, you will get access to everything, including an address of the places, enter and exit information or details, and a few more things like Wifi password.

Moreover, this platform is not only for the people who want to spend quality time. However, you can also become a host or become the owner of a place to earn a good amount of money. Here, you can also cover a few expenses or cash to make other families happy without giving your pool or quality time. So, you can also join this program. 

How to host on Swimply?

Pool owners can switch with Swimply to earn good money just by being a Swimply host. There are a few steps to follows:

1.Create a list: All you need to do is calibrate your prices, details, and photos of your place. Then, Swimply will do all the work by making your list live for millions of people looking for relaxation.  

2. Accept Reservation: The only thing to do is text with guests and confirm the booking by using Swimply platform. Once you confirm then your part is over and let the guest confirm their booking. Eventually, your guest will get proper details about the place, including everything like how to enter or exit a pool area. 

Payment & Pricing:

Firstly, guests have to pay through Swimply secure payment and then your payment will be directly deposited to your bank account after every booking.

Swimply pricing is entirely different from other platforms. Here, the prices depend entirely on the areas and time you spend there without your family and friends. Its prices are quite affordable. Moreover, instant bookings are also available for people who have instantly thought about a small vacation. And you can pay less with Swimply Coupons.


Swimming can be one of the fun experiences which bring in many physical and psychological health benefits. It is one of the best activities which align with your body language and help you spend time with yourself in a very relaxing manner. 

Swimply is the best pool rentals to choose with hygiene being the vital policy and budget pricing with the reservations.

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